About Us

Holy Gainz Apparel is proud to bring you clothing inspired by our faith and journey in Christ. Perfect for athletes and lifters that are driven by faith and want to show it off on the street or in the gym. Our prices are what they are because our main mission is giving back. We want to be affordable but our main mission is being able to give to Compassion International (Our Partners) as much as possible.

Company Mission
Spread our faith and love of God through our actions and yes even something as simple as a t-shirt. Our main mission is to pour love into communities and families all across the world by donating to Compassion International each sale. We can impact the world and show off the true love of our God.
What We Do
We create motivational faith based clothing. Fitness and athletics have always been a huge part of us. Holy Gainz was created in 2016 to provide clothing options for people with similar passions to express their faith and give back.
Our mission first and foremost, is to help others in need. We do so in the name of Christ our God. We use our love for clothing and fitness as a vehicle to impact others all around the world. 
Holy Gainz Apparel is a faith based clothing brand for those passionate about God, Fitness & Athletics. Established in 2016        
As Christians, we at Holy Gainz believe the buck should not stop with us. This is why we are passionate about giving back. We try to show God’s love by doing what we can to pour into others all around the world.  


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